Sierra County was created on April 16, 1852.


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Welcome to the Sierra County USGenWeb Project site. This is the home page for Sierra County, California, part of The CAGenWeb Project which is a chapter of The USGenWeb Project. USGenWeb consists of a loosely organized group of volunteers working together to provide free Internet web sites for genealogical and historical research in every county of every state in the country. The projects are non-commercial and non-government. The websites are hierarchically organized by county and state. Although the basic unit for the USGenWeb Project is at the county level, state, national and special web sites include very important information as well.

The primary purpose of the county-level website is to document where in the county historical and genealogical records can be found. Addressed to a lesser extent are sources outside of the county. Also posted on this website are some historical records such as histories, maps, letters and photos. Links to websites not part of The USGenWeb Project are provided for your convenience and do not imply any endorsement of the websites or their contents by The USGenWeb Project.

The copyright declaration at the bottom of each page refers to the pages of this web site. Some material posted on this site (e.g., photographs, clip art) may have separate copyright and/or trademark notifications that supersede the web site's copyright. Please respect all copyright restrictions. Generally speaking, you can make use of posted textual information (facts) concerning your research objectives. But you cannot republish part or all of the collection without written permission from the collection's owner. While historical photos and artwork created prior to 1923 are likely in the public domain and can be republished without permission, modified material (e.g., a repaired or altered photo) could be covered by a copyright. When in doubt, contact the listed owner.

Please contact the Sierra County Coordinator if you have any corrections or new information for this website. If you would like to volunteer to help with this effort or run your own county website, please contact the California State Coordinator at The CAGenWeb Project.

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