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If you would like to learn more about becoming a County Coordinator and a part of The CAGenWeb Project, or if you have any other questions relating to this county, please read our Policies & Procedures and then contact our State Coordinator.

The CAGenWeb Project sincerely thanks the dedicated volunteers who devoted time and effort toward making this site a successful one:

The CAGenWeb Project sincerely thanks the dedicated volunteers who devoted time and effort toward making this site a successful one:

Duane Null, County Coordinator 1996-1999
Patricia Rowell, County Coordinator 1999
Laura Ruhle, County Coordinator 2000-2001
Linda De la Torres, County Coordinator 2001-2003
Jana Black, County Coordinator 2003-2004
John L. Morton, County Coordinator 2004-2008
Martha A. Crosley-Graham, County Coordinator 2009-2010
John L. Morton, County Coordinator 2011-2014
Peggy B. Perazzo, County Co-Coordinator 2011
Pat Perazzo, County Webmaster 2011
Elizabeth E. Bullard, County Webmaster 2012
Joe Williamson, County Webmaster 2013
Jeannette M. Harper, County Coordinator, 2015-2017

State Coordinator: Elizabeth E. Bullard
Assistant State Coordinator: Marc Irish
Assistant State Coordinator: Bob Jenkins


A Little Bit About Colusa County

California Map with Colusa Highlighted

Colusi County, which was the original name of Colusa County, was first organized by the California Legislature on February 9, 1850. It was made up for the most part of the present Colusa and Glenn Counties and that part of Tehama County as far north as Red Bluff. In Mrs. Lambert’s history she says; “Among the first acts of this first legislature which met before California was admitted to the Union, was one outlining the boundaries of various counties. Colusa was one of these first counties formed, and it’s boundaries were defined by the legislature as follows: ‘Beginning at a point on the summit of the Coast Range Mountains due west from the red bluffs, and running thence due east to the said bluffs on the Sacramento River, thence down the middle of said river to the northwest corner of Sutter County, thence due west along the northern border of Yolo County to the summit of the Coast Range, thence in northwesterly direction following the summit of said range to the point of beginning.’ The district thus defined was attached to Butte County for judicial purposes.”

In 1855, the State Legislature passed a bill reducing the county area to the present northern boundary of Glenn County. The area taken away was thirty-six miles wide and included the city of Red Bluff. At this time the eastern boundary of the county was extended beyond the Sacramento River to Butte Creek and ended a few miles north of Butte City. In 1891, the county was again divided and Glenn County was formed, the latter being named after its more illustrious citizen, Dr. Hugh Glenn, the world’s greatest wheat producer.

John Bidwell is one of the first white men who has recorded as being in the county as early as 1843. He says he saw at least ten thousand Indians there at that time. In Will S. Green’s History, he wrote: “While there were many small tribes of Indians living in Colusa County, there were three belts, as it were, of them, the tribes in each having more or less intercourse with each other, and being generally on friendly terms. Those occupying either side of the river formed one, those occupying the foothills along Bear Valley and Stony Creek another, and those occupying the pine timber region of the mountains the third. Many of these tribes have died out entirely and their names have passes entirely from man. Many persons have supposed that each village was a tribe of itself, but most of these were the temporary residences of families of the same tribe, and while all acknowledged the authority of the principle chief, the government of the villages were largely patriarchal."

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