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The CAGenWeb Project sincerely thanks the dedicated volunteers who devoted time and effort toward making this site a successful one:

Bill Reynolds, County Coordinator 1996-1998
Sunni Bloyd, County Coordinator 1998-1999
Kelly Mullins, County Coordinator 1999-2003
Martha A. Crosley-Graham, County Coordinator 2003-2015
April Hennes, County Coordinator 2015-2017

State Coordinator: Elizabeth E. Bullard
Assistant State Coordinator: Marc Irish
Assistant State Coordinator: Bob Jenkins


A Little Bit About Glenn County

California Map with Glenn Highlighted

Colusa County was first named Colusi County and occasionally called Coluse County. By 1855, the name was established as Colusa County. It is one of the original 27 counties.

Glenn County was formed in 1891 from the northern half of Colusa County. It was named for Dr. Hugh J. Glenn, who was the largest wheat farmer in the state during his lifetime and a man of great prominence in political and commercial life in California. Willows was established as a town in 1876 and as the county seat in 1891. Temporary offices for the county were in an Odd Fellows hall until the courthouse and jail were built in 1894.

Glenn fought in the Mexican War and was at Chapultepec. He Graduated from Cooper Medical College, but decided against medicine and came to California instead, hoping to make a fortune in mining. Glenn eventually raised enough money to bring his wife and young son out to join him, at which point he turned to raising wheat. When Glenn wasn't happy with current wheat prices, he would charter ships and sell his wheat in Liverpool, England. Glenn ran, unsuccessfully, for governor of California. He later he became a power in the State Board of Agriculture.

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Neighboring Counties

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