Peter L. Bourne

Bolinas Township, page 417

Peter L. Bourne was born in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, April 30, 1826, and was the second child of Barnabas and Diadema Ewer Bourne. He remained at home with his parents till he was twelve years of age, when he shipped on board an Atlantic seaboard coaster. He followed this till 1843, when he shipped on board the ship " Rodman," Captain Alex. Newcomb, master, for a sperm whaling cruise to the Yellow sea, and was absent about three years and seven months. After spending four months at home, he again shipped, this time on board the bark " Dryade," bound on a Pacific whaling voyage. After cruising off the coast of Peru for two years the ship put in at Tolquagana, Chili, and the crew broke up. The ship was chartered for San Francisco, and Mr. Bourne reshipped on her, and arrived in that port September 20, 1849. After lying in the harbor for four months, the ship returned to Chili, Mr. Bourne going with her, and another whaling expedition was undertaken. He shipped on her as second officer. After the vessel had been out thirty days all hands refused to do duty, and the ship put into a port of the Tahiti Islands, and the refractory crowd turned loose among the natives. She then went to Pieta and Tom Peru, and took a cargo of vegetables for San Francisco, arriving again in 1851. He then made a three months' trip to the mines, working at Horse Shoe bar, American river. Being forced by sickness to abandon the mines he returned to San Francisco, and shipped as first officer on the schooner " Excell," Captain John Corwin, master, bound for Tahiti. He continued in this trade for three years, when he left the vessel and came to Bolinas. This was in November, 1853, and in 1854 he paid his old home a visit, returning to Bolinas in September of that year. Captain Bourne has sailed several vessels from Bolinas to San Francisco, among which may be mentioned the sloop " Falmouth," schooner " Alexana," and in partnership with S. Clark he had the schooner " Convoy," of which he was master for three or four years. In 1866 he came to his present farm, which now consists of seven hundred and ninety-seven acres. Captain Bourne is a man of sterling traits of character, and a worthy citizen. He was married July 5, 1861, to Miss Mary P. Smith, daughter of William and Josephine Saiz Smith, who was born in Marin County. Their children are : — Zenas B., born October 30, 1862; Isabella, born October 31, 1864; 'Ulysses, born August 28, 1868; Frederick, born June 14, 1873; Peter, born August 6, 1875; Henrietta J., born August 8, 1879.

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