George Boreham

Nicasio Township, page 433

George Boreham This gentleman was born in Woodford, Essex, England, December 16, 1810. He is the son of William and Mary Powell Boreham. Here he grew up, from childhood to manhood, learning the blacksmith trade, at which he continued to work, till 1848, when he came to New York. He at once opened a shop there and continued it for one year, when he started for California on the steamer " Crescent City," in December, 1849, coming via the Panama route. He came as far as Santa Barbara in the ship '' Soledad," and the remainder of the way to San Francisco in a Government schooner, arriving in San Francisco in February, 1850. Went at once to the mines in Stanislaus County. In 1850, he went to Mexico, locating at a 
village known as Los Angeles, near San Miguel. There was an extensive cotton factory located at this place, and Mr. Boreham was engaged as blacksmith for the mill. He remained here till 1854, when he came to Los Angeles, California. Here he remained for twelve years, pursuing his trade. In 1866, he came to Petaluma, Sonoma County, where he remained two years. In 1868,' he moved to Nicasio and continued in business there until 1875, when he moved to San Geronimo station, where he has since resided, and continues in the blacksmithing business. Mr. Boreham was united in marriage, on August 27, 1853, with Donna Louisa Guanig, daughter of Juan Guanig. She was born June 21, 1842, in Mexico. Their children are: — William, born June 23, 1854; Mary, born December 25, 1856; Margaret, born May 25, 1859; Victoria, born May 24, 1861; Edward, July 4, 1863; Charlotte, born May 7, 1865; Emma, born March 31, 1867; Frederick, born April 1, 1869; George, born June 19, 1871; Benjamin, born March 21, 1873.

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